Educating Special Needs Children

The deaf child is an equal child to any another one the only difference is that it will use the hands to communicate itself therefore uses it abuses of massinhas, pedagogical jellies, gouache, small balls of paper crepom, tears paper, follows track that is, everything that it of fine motor coordination, uses puppets in the hour of history it will help it to understand what this speaking, without counting that all child she adores history is more amused. Many people think that for the child for to be deaf it does not perceive what she transfers herself to its redor, deceit dangerous, the child has a reading visual space more sharpened than the others, if not leaving to be been deceptive by ‘ ‘ words melosas’ ‘ or exchanges of favors type: ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ it makes this later we will make outro’ ‘ , why clearly it listening (obvious) therefore could not signal for it, but, because it makes a reading optics on its expression generally whenever we lie our eyes denounce in them. Good, inside of the infantile education it will perceive that its pupils will go to interact without preconception or esteretipos, you do not fit making, its paper is to educate and coitadinho is rat son that is born bare and not it gains no clothes. Another thing super important she is together with the family to argue the importance of the language of signals, children who already in the first ones years it has contact with it if they develop much more that children who they only acquire after its adolescence. Another important factor is the direct and indirect contact with the room of resources, that will give all subsidize you its pupil, this he will frequent it in alternating schedule. The Internet offers to N options of activities in POUNDS, but, observe the profile of its pupil, this co he must know the times of certain pra ones for others not.

A thus legal super thing is that it will go to perceive that inevitably you will be half that abetter of its pupil with the convivncia, a look is enough everything catches rapidinho that it needs to know or to learn. We educators never are ready we are not really? If he does not know the language of signals it uses to advantage to discover its pupil together with, is wonderful assures you to I. as nothing it is perfect, finished thus the day, full of new features will be its day.