Edward Street

They look at Scientology Church not as a threat. However, a prohibition proceedings against Scientology in the room has been put by politicians from purely electoral reasons with a view on the then-upcoming state election in Hamburg, you hoped for votes. At the same time, same politicians expected that the thing runs after the elections in the sands. The TAZ Hamburg reported on Dec. 20, 2010 shortly before Christmas under the heading “Ban as campaign maneuvers” about these policies.

Also in Baden-Wurttemberg, elections are soon coming and certainly already political strategies are hatched. The Scientology church stands on the principles of a democratic rule of law, practiced separation of Church and State, and where the officials focus on human rights as the Supreme guiding principle. The Scientology Church is a full documentation to put together about the misinformation of the protection of the Constitution and the background to the discussion. This she made two new Web sites on the Internet: scientology verfassungsschutz.de and scientology-fakten.de. On these you will find facts about many aspects of Scientology but also corrections to blatant false reports in the media about them including about drop-out stories, like invented. So far, the protection of the Constitution has denied Baden-Wurttemberg the conversation.

Nevertheless is the Scientology Church Rech the conversation with Interior Minister again seeking to address this kind of information policy, which is not oriented to the principles of the Constitution and human rights, and to demand a setting of the monitor. Scientology is focus more narrowly Church in Baden-Wurttemberg on the information to the public. To do this she will further strengthen its presence on the Internet, to offer first-hand information to the public.