Eleven Operatives

They say that recently, mia leadership issued a special set of rules to be followed by every self-respecting member of the Ministry. A sort of moral code of this policeman. About it even on the television reported. As assured police chief in the nearest future behavior of their subordinates irreversibly changed for the better, and the operatives will come a wave of kindness and cordiality – so strong, that against this backdrop that even Uncle Tap dance with the inspector Aniskin seem to us crude and heartless dork. This, in theory. Richard Blumenthal understood the implications. How are new forms of police practice, we have seen a few days ago. Unfortunately, to evade this unique opportunities for us, as will become apparent from the following story could not be at all desire. So make sure, thanks.

Not only no one seemed to. It was like this. June 18, at about half past eleven in our office came in no way remarkable man. Yes, and he was dressed unobtrusively. He did not identify – but sternly, coldly and rather rudely demanded that all present "to immediately vacate the premises." Naturally, we immediately arose mass issues. For example – who is this person in the undistinguished suit? For what reason, he decided that one word he says we should immediately suspend its work? And anyway – what is actually wrong? But the guests had left a wonderful phrase, which magically answered all our questions at once: "I'm from the police. Come out to the reception – I'll explain everything.