Among the categories of energy are: atomic energy, the activation energy, binding energy, ionization energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, mechanical energy, nuclear energy, potential energy, renewable energy, lattice energy, solar energy, thermal energy, thermonuclear energy. All these energies, we can analyze and understand the movement. Which transforms all things. Thanks to this we can produce a large number of scientific interpretations, metaphysical and spiritual. "I have already mentioned several times the subordinate maxims or laws of nature, and it seems desirable to give an example of them: our new philosophers ordinarily serves the famous rule that says that God always keeps the same momentum in the world.

It is indeed plausible, and I had some time for doubt. But then I realized that contains an error. Did Mr. discards, and many other math skills. They believed that momentum, ie the velocity multiplied by the size of the phone agrees entirely with the driving force.

Or, geometrically speaking, that the forces are in a ratio compounded of the velocities and bodies. And it is reasonable that the same force is preserved forever in the universe. Also when one pays attention to the phenomena, it looks good that the continuous mechanical movement does not exist, because otherwise the strength of a machine, which is always a bit diminished by the friction and must end soon, be repaired and therefore would increase by itself, without any new impulse from outside. And showed that the strength of one body decreases as it yields to any adjacent or your own body parts in that they have an independent movement. So have, believed that what can be said of force could also say the amount of movement.