Environment and Science

Ten most important events in the environment and science in the past week ria Novosti published ten environmental and scientific events of 2009, which, according to the Information Agency, made the greatest impression on the whole country. At first the correspondents put climate negotiations in Copenhagen, calling them 'disappointment of the year'. The second line of the rating was given to the battle for energy efficiency of the domestic economy in our country. Learn more about this with Jim Donovan Goldman. The third most important Corresponding event highlighted a stop in October 2008, the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill (BPPM). However, the day after the publication of the rankings in the media reported that the newly launched bppm production. Fourth place ranking took a decision to ban mining in Russia, and Belka himself harp seal across the White Sea.

In fifth place – the appointment of ex-head of Rosgidromet Alexander Bedritsky the position of adviser to Russian President on climate change. To sixth place ranking correspondents put a brave decision of the city authorities to abandon incineration in favor waste. Seventh line Russia holds the record among the world countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In eighth place – the active position in 2009, Ministry of Natural Resources to monitor the observance of environmental norms in the construction of sports facilities in Sochi. In ninth place 'located' Large Hadron Collider, which is 'a fever' entire passing year.

And completes the list of the most important events in the environment and science, according to ria Novosti experiment to synthesize new, 117-th element of the periodic table. Lapwing – a bird in 2010 Russian Bird Conservation Union, held annually in recent years, the bird picks at this time given the title of the birds, the lapwing-2010. In this year lapwing ornithological organization intends to make an effort to estimate the size of the bird species to promote the protection of species among the population and among hunters. It should be noted that in order to adopt a bird year, it is necessary that certain requirements are met: the bird must be extended to all or most of the territory of our country, it should be easily recognizable and require attention and care of man. Earlier, title, the birds were a swan, kingfisher, owl, bullfinch. Choosing lapwing bird in 2010 was not accidental. The population of one of the largest shorebird in recent years has been diminishing rapidly and the main reason for that – activities rights. The purpose of the campaign 'Bird of the Year' – attracting public attention to the birds inhabiting the territory of Russia, and the problems of their protection. In 2010, major efforts will be aimed at promoting security operations in relation to one of the largest waders – lapwing. Photofact week: Ten records from the animal world and the winners pictures National Geographic 2009 The last week we talked about what records can boast of Representatives fauna of our planet. For example, did you know that the fastest animal – a cheetah, and the most powerful – and at the insect-beetle rhinoceros? Learn more about the records of our "little brothers in our photofact Ten records from the animal world. So we offered our readers a look at the best photos of nature, animals, and amazing places on our planet. Must see these unique photos in photofact Winners Photo National Geographic, 2009.