Environment Ministry

Nature protection associations criticise statements of the Ministry of agriculture in Kiel (MLUR), that by World War II munitions no risk for the marine environment go from the demolition. The NABU conservation associations, society for the protection of marine mammals (GSM) and the rescue of dolphins (GRD) criticise statements of the Ministry of agriculture in Kiel, Germany, according to the current results of the pollutant measurements per ceremonies in the Baltic Sea before Heidkate allegedly to demonstrate that by World War II munitions no risk for the marine environment go from the demolition. The three associations accuse the MLUR, operate a brazen disinformation of the public. One gets the impression, in the Ministry of agriculture has not understood the own study”, explains Ulrich Karlowski by the GRD biologist. For the first time could be that when underwater blasting explosives do not completely burn and instead over a large area can be distributed evidenced by the investigation namely, beyond reasonable doubt. According to the new study was the highly toxic and cancer arousing explosive TRINITROTOLUENE (TNT) in 100 m distance from the detonation site using an passive collector existing from charcoal demonstrated, which has the potential, through the food chain in marine food fish and marine mammals to accumulate. That only traces of TNT on the collector could be measured, was previously known and lies principally in the experimental set-up”, says Petra Deimer, biologist of the GSM.

Allow only statements about the present measurements, which substances in the sea access, but not in how much this happens. Also the statement of opinion is explicitly only for the investigated, very small charge sizes up to 14 kg explosives. This restriction is clearly highlighted in the study, but deliberately concealed by the Environment Ministry. At mines of up to 350 kg of cargo, have located over 60 years in the sea, the hull are corroded but so strongly in part, that the likelihood of an incomplete combustion is even greater than in the Case proven now before Heidkate. At worst is due to the attached stick charging the toxic explosive in corroded large explosives only widely distributed in the environment and flushed the pieces in the wake of the beach”, Hermann Schultz, Chairman of the NABU fears.

The three organizations renew hence their demand on the Environment Ministry to make explosives typical compounds and their degradation products examine bio-indicators such as mussels. Is the only way a proper assessment of the uptake in organisms. The again practiced, technically unclean belittling of the threat is a flagrant disinformation of the public and is a solution of the problem in the way. GRD, GSM and NABU country also call on the Government, as offered by NABU, GRD, and GSM and agreed with the Ministry of the Interior together with experts to discuss the findings of the investigations on Heidkate prior to a publication, rather than professionally unqualified spread through the Department of agriculture as a clearance certificates to let. Otherwise the State Government runs the risk of acute Los pedaling a discussion on the threat of bad tourist beach near ammunition in the middle of the holiday season.