Equipment Extend

Secondly, to want to solve your lack of sexual appetite, through the will, exercising the eroticism and dejndote not to take by the carelessness and the coldness. We propose to you that ” trabajes” these 5 points that can ayudarte: Eroticism is more than sexuality Is a generalized tendency to consider that eroticism and sexuality are equal terms. The sexual thing is bound a the genitalidad, whereas the eroticism is an impulse related to the vitality. Although, we can have sexual practices without eroticism of by means, the one is not totally independent of the other. Ocupmonos of the erotic impulse When we lose the erotic impulse to live we expressed, it, mainly, in the sexuality. Therefore, if we want to recover erotic desire we will have to increase our sexual practices. We do not resign to the sexual appetite Or by the activities of the maternity, the tensions in the work, the age outpost, etc., experienced a loss of the sexual appetite we see and it like normal, accepting it without the more. Although this tendency is increased in which ” we left arrastrar” , we do not ignore that the sexual practice benefits our person.

We extend our capacity to please If we looked for to increase our frequency in the sexual encounter, we will extend our sexual desire. When we spoke of pleasing sexual, we did not talk about only the practice of sex, but to ” degustar” , ” saborear” the same; it stops to obtain it, what better than to exercise to us actually sexual. We nourish our erotic capacity we will have heard that, as a rule, the man stimulates itself and so he sees and the woman and so he hears; but as much the view as the ear is not exclusive of a single sex. Each person will have more of the one and less than the other; the important thing is to be able to extend our capacities and to develop a combination of both. We read, we investigate, we compare, we talk on the sexual practices to nourish our imagination and to extend our erotic capacity.