ESADE Professor

Also referenced as Manuel Mendez, President of the BBVA microfinance Foundation, committed to maintain the social commitment and economic growth as necessary conditions microfinance institutions to adequately fulfil its social mission. To do this, holding that the sector must dramatically expand their reach and achieve far superior to the current growth rates. Adds that it is imperative, therefore, that the sector will get the scale, scope and operational efficiency necessary to achieve low unit costs and to provide products and accessible services for the majority of poor people. Another interesting topic that was discussed and that is concern for the world, for Latin America is certainly related to the environment, and on this, the director general of Greenpeace, Juan Lopez de Uralde, showed negative with the performance of some companies present in Latin America. He claims that the reality on ground is that carbon plants are being built where, at the same time, talk of climate change. In this sense, ensures that the fact of not applying the same standards in Europe than in Latin America has resulted in the emergence of a conqueror again model: multinationals which, he understood, are accelerating the ecological destruction in these countries for their own interests.

Definitely, the Professor of the Universidad de San Andres (Argentina) Gabriel Berger, said, that companies must generate an entrepreneurial leadership and rethink the way that business is done. In this line, ensures that it is not enough with the tools, but there is need to go beyond with the realities that show us the poor sectors of society and introduce profound changes. Similarly, Alfred Vernis, Politica de empresa of ESADE Professor, believes that we are beginning to see convergence of conduct between entrepreneurs social and organizations, but is important that corporations give voice to each Ibero-American community leaders. Do not doubt, that meetings like that has been done, give actions that generate radical changes in support of those sectors that can generate them step transformations required to develop its potential to influence everything that generate transformations that will prevent that poverty follow manifesting itself. You just have to give way to a new business culture, motivate the actors who are engaged in these achievements.