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Paveletskaya: the court in the Moscow October 12, 2010, Tuesday in this harsh country, each earning a living as you can. Some people earn and the bread and butter, and some – even with the caviar. Unfortunately, our society is firmly entrenched stereotype of a traffic cop, bribe-takers, famously waving wand and shearers cabbage until it was taken off the site lured. Almost every attentive driver will remember a few of these places can easily be mistaken not only beginner – a driving school graduate, but also experienced "driver." Especially gifted servants of the law themselves, find these places on a map of Moscow and begin their hunt. One of these places until recently was the Paveletskaya. Road infrastructure Paveletskaya Square is a true classic trap of drivers, as the provisions of some road signs were forced to violate the other. This is a typical example of how simple car owners are victims of traffic enforcement in the truest sense of the word.

The first hearing, chaired by Federal Judge AN Fedin in the case 12-180/10 one of the drivers, which "adopted" at Paveletskaya Square, on 10 September 2010. As previously in cases of "oncoming" excited at this point, Fedin repeatedly violated the rights of citizens essentially at the beginning of the meeting defender has been declared a decisive challenge to the judge. But the challenge was left unsatisfied, as the case moved. September 27 was to be held re-sitting, but it was moved, even before it began – after Half an hour after the appointed time waiting, it was reported that the judge did not have time to make Fedin sentence. Thus, a state official can easily ignore the fact that he came to the agenda of citizens, spending it's their own time and money. Finally, on September 30 Zamoskvoretsky District Court of Moscow held the final hearing.