Essay On Economics And Politics

Essay on economics and politics when dealing with issues related to the economy, most mortals, we think, because of the tremendous importance that economic facts have acquired, that the handling of this discipline, known as the Queen of the social sciences, should be in the hands of specialists in the field and that these initiates are only the ones who can express an opinion authorized in this regard. The relevance acquired by economics in the life of Nations has granted superpowers who have responsibility for driving the same orientation, turning them into real you popes, referring inescapable when taking decisions in any area of activity of a country. What makes the difference in economy, is the intervention of political power, therefore, when we speak of economy, we always refer by extension to the expression, type of economic policy to apply such or which Government. It is the ruler who intervenes in the economy, not just to change their statements from the point of view of its application as a science – but that any Government, as responsible for the welfare of society as a whole, is who has the duty to orient its economic programme to the satisfaction of the needs of all the sectors that compose it, avoiding the capture of the State by corporate interests close to the power of shift. Is the absolute responsibility of the ruler the politician – make sure that the resources that allow to successfully face the inevitable contraction of the same cycles that have certainly been producing can be generated in cycles of economic growth should implement outputs to prevent these negative cycles are extended in excess, and above all, ensure that the positive results of economic growth when they reach not to concentrate on certain sectors of privilege, but that through its social and fiscal, policy should achieve a distribution of national income, as more fair and equitable as possible between society as a whole.