Estee Lauder Perfume

If we breathe in a while a smell, it would soon cease to feel it. Entering from the street in a poorly ventilated room and immediately feel an unpleasant odor. A few minutes later comes the adaptation, and the smell is no longer there. For full recovery of olfactory sensitivity needed a break of up to three minutes. In every society there are unwritten rules about the distance that people keep between themselves according of who they are with each other. Extending the flavor is noticeable, and at a great distance, you represent the desire to attract attention, whether you like it or not.

Therefore, any conservative society, women's perfume is not strong welcome. Should not be too much wear scent in the morning in fear that the evening fragrance erode. Better bring a small bottle. It must be remembered that it was too strong smell at all times is a sign of bad tone. In addition, the intense perfumes are almost always subject to the same, but in moderate quantities in various women smell will be manifested in different ways, contributing to the disclosure of individuality and uniqueness of each. Aromatized by means of a spray rack for laundry, mailing supplies, sheets, you will add others things personal, unique character. To flavor was more stable, experts recommend layering it, that is used along with the spirits or toilet water, deodorants, liquid after-shave, etc. with the same smell.

Additional fragrances reinforce the basic odor. Do not use deodorant and polishes hair with a pungent odor, which can suppress the fragrance. Perfume is better to use immediately after bathing when the body has warmed and slightly humid. Scent will stay longer and better. With the help of an aerosol, you can perfume and clothes, just make sure first is that the spots will not. On natural tissues in the first place – the hair, the smell lasts longer than the synthetics. Hu, a bottle will not lose it, and after a few months. There is a famous recommendation Estee Lauder: 'To the best possible use scent perfume, you need to scatter them in the air in front of him and go forward. Perfume – this is love, there can not skimp. Should be given to them fully and completely, but not here a little, there a little bit. " Be careful when spraying Spirits: remove your jewelry! Perfume can spoil the sparkle of pearls, amber, and some stones. On the coat is desirable to apply a perfume or the inside, or in an inconspicuous place, or fur can become discolored. Should not be apply perfume on silk and light materials – may appear stains. If you like a smell, your skin can not tolerate it, it is recommended to perfume your hair, clothing or a handkerchief. Gradually, in modern society produced a definition of art use men's fragrances. The man developed the desire to monitor their appearance, even when they are 'certain age'. The habit of comfort makes them relate to this is not as peripheral, and gives rise to evolution. As soon as men cease to be afraid of ghosts, there are not only refreshing pods, but with a subtle perfume and delicate flavor, giving grace and elegance. A man tries to find a flavor in his legend something of their own, an intimate and friendly. Style men's clothing does not imply a large scope for self-expression. Spirits also give him the image of individuality. In addition, men's perfume called attract the opposite sex.