European Commissioner

In Brazil also associates happen to the internal migrations, mainly, the factors economic. These migrations had had beginning since the cycle of the sugar, followed of the cattle one for the provincial regions, the mines, the coffee and finally the industrialization of the main Brazilian cities, occurring there the agricultural exodus. This last one happens due to the occured transformations in the agricultural way, in virtue of the modernization and the mechanization of agriculture, thus excusing, the man power and making to raise the number of people living in peripheries in the great urban centers to the search of life improvements. The international migrations come more clearly leaving to each day the situations of some countries in result in its way of life. The migratory flows between countries happen for diverse factors: economic, wars, religious, etnias among others.

The United States, for example, are one of the countries that more receive, immigrants in the world. This also happens for the fact of being a developed country and with expectation of good jobs with good wages and for cause of economic problems and of the lacks of chances lived for the countries emigrants. The maiorias of these people enter illegally in these countries, thus increasing its problems of migration that are several, between them racism and the xenophobia. These people are seen by the natural population as competitor of the jobs and the social services and this aid to intensify the problems of this people, taking them until suffering physical aggressions as it was the case of Brazilian lawyer Paula of Oliveira who was attacked by neonazistas in Switzerland, arriving to lose its twin babies, therefore she was pregnant. This in case that very she were reed-echo as xenofbico, giving aluso to the hatred that these people have for immigrants. The photo below of the Brazilian one shows the marks of this hatred: ‘ ‘ The Europe is a multicultural and multinational society that if enriches with this variety. However, the constant presence of racism in our society cannot be ignored. Racism touches all people.