Exciting Battle

Warriors in Lineage 2 – Exciting duels and battles. Gracia and Aden – two different continent, in which the unfolding events in the world LineAge 2. But all the connections between them were terminated, which occurred in Aden after the Civil War. And only now, after many years after it ended, they gradually returned. Annals of your character begins in the kingdom of Aden. Your hero is not some story line.

Everyone chooses for himself what he should do and whom to be. This may be a thief, robbing found him on the road travelers. Or go into politics and become the owner of the castle. Or even become the ruler of one of the great states. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jim Donovan Goldman. In LineAge 2, there are five races that you can choose to create his hero. In addition, you can choose the class of hero: he is the world's lineage 2 warrior or mage. Magic, however, is not a strong point of the dwarves, so the choice of class for them is not satisfied.

All the possible development and behavior of the hero directly depends on this choice. For the selected character is a warrior fierce battle with the use of special techniques and various weapons. For magicians, on the contrary, avoiding melee duels and the use of magic. Gnomes, deprived magic have a great opportunity to create things. In this case, the dwarves – the richest characters in the game. LineAge 2 does not put the player the ultimate goal. Even having achieved the highest performance for your character, you realize that this is only the initial point. "Young" players enhance their performance, completing quests or fighting monsters. Players are "more experienced" such actions are gradually beginning to pall. Here then comes to the rescue mode PvP. In this mode, players compete with each other. In these competitions the characters get trophies and experience. Characters can join in the party for some assignments. And may hold a mass PvP battle. There are those who deliberately hunts other players. However, in an online game LineAge 2 such "killer" are substantial penalties. In all the towns attacked by the guards. Also in case of death of these characters can lose their gear and weapons. Massive battles for locks – another difference online world LineAge 2. in other words, the siege. Flush your character and take part in this siege. That's when you discover all the positive aspects of online genre.