Farce And Justice Of Mr. Corregidor

Pray for the Government, for without it men will destroy each other. In Maicao, there are cruzado, for these days the bad hour of its insecurity and the good moment of its cultures. First it has seeded the frustration, the fear and a unanimous rejection on the part of a tired community of so many deads as much blood. The good moment of occurring cultural it has filled from optimism to a town needed hopes in the future, of symbols to construct one identity still without defining in all their fullness, of reasons to celebrate and to position an imaginary group helps that to give it him to form its history of pluriculturalidad and beautiful racial mestizations. For these days the Multipurpose House, the scene that they havea handful of convinced cultores that it is necessary to have more spaces for the arts, has presented/displayed several times the play Farce and Justice of Mr. Corregidor of the responsibility of Alexander adapted Large house and for local means by John Of the Rose, director of the collective Eye Blindao. Hundreds of people have attended each one of the puttings in scene during the last week. Even though of which the work is the same the spectators laugh with the laughing situations, they reflect about the local reality and they question the speed and the effectiveness of justice in all the places of the world.

Young of the local quarry, full the actors are of dreams, illusions, projects and much, but much talent and many but many desire to continue in the way that have chosen like life project. Between the actors he excels the small figure and fragile of Arnulfo Arango, that the paper of the Corregidor incarnates, a dark, sinister, dishonest magistrate who, nevertheless, is most interesting of all the personages of this fascinating representation. But Arnulfo is not only, by all means and it accompanies his secretary represented very well by Ulises Woods, a old one hurt accidentally by an innkeeper put in messes, a hunter (Noiver de la Cruz) to who sano just brought of the mount has robbed him, a tailor (Maura Small marble column) whose woman embarrassed there is lost the baby in confused circumstances and a woodcutter (Alex Morelos) to who him they have left malherido and without tail to its poor donkey in facts that sufficiently have not been clarified.