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In early 2010, there have been several notable developments in the domain and hosting that rocks the whole ooiao. Removal from the domain delegation torrents.ru and temporary suspension of service free file hosting – iFolder.ru. In this case, when termination of free file hosting service also suffered, and customers usually hosting company owner's resources – a significant time has been disconnected primary ns-server hosting provider. Both of them disabled resources is one of the largest projects in its segment Runet. The reason for such serious measures in both cases, served only a single claim to a particular content posted by users on data sites. Ie observed that the most disproportionate use of force by the authorities, about which so much was said two years ago, in 2008. Naturally ooiao could not react to such decisions. Domain torrents.ru moved into the zone. Org, and application of such a significant repressive measures against the Russian hosting provider due to a single complaint has strengthened the trend of relocation sites Runet on overseas hosting sites, where the situation of this kind are much less likely. Thus we note that perhaps the authorities would like better – clean ooiao of illegal content, so only get as always – the Russian part of the Internet is trimmed from the general any content, content is moved to hosting overseas, where laws are complied with generally more logical and appropriate manner.