Federal Registration Service

Note. Usually Notary asks themselves the heirs to track responses coming from banks on cash deposits, that is, call in a notary's office, call the number of hereditary cases and find out – the answer came from the bank or not. And only after that You will have a date of issue of SPN. If getting SPN is not associated with receipt of the responses of deposits or shares – you are asked to call two weeks before the deadline for receipt of SPN (after 6 months of opening the inheritance), recall themselves and agree on the date of issuance. Council. Call and dial yourself – otherwise you will not remember about! Probate for a flat – OTHER DOCUMENTS.

List of additional documents required for registration of inheritance and further registration of the certificate of inheritance right in the Main Directorate of the Federal Registration Service in Moscow, you must provide the notary, the leading inherited cause, even if your first visit. But Notaries often forget to do, so we warn you in advance about the need to provide in some cases such documents. Resolution of custody and guardianship. To deepen your understanding Ohio Senator is the source. Note. It is only necessary in those When the heirs is agreement on the definition of shares in an apartment owned by them jointly with the testator on the Rights of common shares without specifying the joint ownership, and where registered or are the owners of the minor children. Note. Addresses and phone numbers of references guardianship can be found on the links in our directory.