Fifth Causes

Human emotions and reactions of Mr. Hubbard in his writings on administration and management, formulated such a law: “The first obstacle to production – is the human emotions and reactions.” The word “production” here has a broader meaning than usual. In this case, refers to any activity result of which is something valuable. This is a very important law. How many times was such that you wanted to achieve something, but were met with a blank wall of incomprehension? You are trying to do something, and someone takes offense to you. Or are you about something say, as someone from listening to some reason, upset, and he did not know why. Or as in my example with the sale of advertising. I did not want to sell it! It was my emotion and my reaction to the sale of bad products. Or someone does something or says, and then you feel that everything you want – it’s that rolled it all somewhere far away! I think, as you may recall many examples of this. This source of inefficiency in reality is not the fifth, first, as indicated in the statement of Mr. Hubbard.

Despite the fact that human emotions and reactions are the subject of study in psychology, unfortunately, a hundred or a hundred and fifty years of its active development, anything really valuable and practical about this psychology was not invited. Theory – yes, but real, practical knowledge – no. (Except for some questionable techniques such as nlp, which are intended to covertly monitor a person). Each of the five causes of inefficiency, which I described in this article, requires special attention, of course, if you want something to do with them. Good news lies in the fact that you, the reader can become much more effective if the deal with these causes!

During the workshop, “The key to the effectiveness of the head,” we are working against the causes 5 (human emotions and reaction), very much against reason number 4 (imperfections), a little on the reasons for number 3, on the one hand – how to deal with unproductive staff and to seek from other people (employees), the required results, on the other side (when viewed as a staff you) – we make you more productive than ever you were doing. With the lack of information regarding the management we work in the services provided after the “Key to efficiency “and then you are less likely to sit on your favorite horse, and more likely to detect and correct these things in your subordinates. So that the solution is! They just need to use it!