Ford Auto Parts And Service

It’s not a secret that the true reliability of the car is build quality. Often U.S. and European manufacturers placed a car factory for special production sites so they are on the one hand save on the unit cost of labor, the other to deliver the work to the car to the destination. Thus there are plants, such as the Ford factory in St. Petersburg area. There is an industrial enterprise producing cars from the Ford parts that come from the factory, Ford Motor Company commissioned pecial in Russia. What can we say about the cars manufactured at the Ford factory in Russia?

Of course it is adaptation to Russian conditions, ie A special assembly under the climatic conditions of location and operation of future car, on the other hand is purely a Russian approach to the assembled, it goes so banal joke, a mean really – about what to buy cars made in Russia, ie, made in Russia, preferably all days of the week except Monday or Friday, because the Russian mentality designed so that a Russian person on Monday to work quite unusual after two days of rest, and on Friday infinitely want to go home. And this is just a small part of what can factory workers. Major scourge considered to be drinking, but that is another topic for discussion. The reliability of the car as we realized depends not only on the quality of components, but also on the process of assembling the car. Can only be Ford’s hope that the company carefully monitors the quality of Ford parts that are delivered to the factory of the Russian Federation, as well as closely following the work itself, we have produced.