Georgia Country

He says this not to his words we used as a shield. But consider his appeal of course we should. The Patriarch is very well aware that there is a crisis in the country, and he recorded it in his address. In any normal, democratic country the best opportunity for the crisis are elections. And on the other say that it is very important. President every day confirms this: in real sense he is not president throughout the country. All of his statements indicate that he is the president of one of the country. This is not the best part.

This is the part that works with Saakashvili, is associated with it. When the president said that those gathered at the stadium people whom he liberated from work, and it offended people on it, it sounds insulting. President divides people into friends and not their own. In this – it is a big mistake. ” By the way, participate in protests, many of those who voted for Saakashvili. It is one thing, when a voter comes to elections, and more – every day when he was in a hurry to join the other to express active protest. For this we must have courage. Reasonably-minded citizens surprised by the indifference, even though the case which continues to demonstrate the president, and the cynicism with which his associates commented on the event.

“Do not listen to the needs of their citizens and to go to Rome to watch a football match there – it’s too much! “- outraged the opposition community. “The president is surprised, saying that at this time to engage in political discourse, when half an hour from Tbilisi are Russian Tanks! I want him to remember who brought the tanks in there? “- Said the same Burjanadze. Together with the head of the party “New Right” David Gamkrelidze, and other opposition leaders, former speaker of parliament suggested that the iron block the road, sitting on the rail station in Tbilisi. Authorities are trying to take counter measures. Clashed with police who came to the venue of the rally with sticks in their hands, depicting members dissatisfied with violation of the order of the population. The police were not dressed in uniform, and therefore subjected to an acute attack of young people from the camp of the opponents of Saakashvili. Affected the ensuing battle, and those and others. The opposition promised to the Interior Ministry and its “zonderbrigadam” an adequate response in the future, if repeated provocations, and then complained the passivity of the international community and diplomatic corps accredited in Tbilisi. “U.S. Ambassador to Georgia John Tefft does not like. Washington wants to use Saakashvili as a fat worm for bait, to complicate the case of Russia, and currently benefit from the path to penetrate new territories to expand democratic space.