Gnosis Christian

From the outset, will point out one fundamental difference between gnosis and the Christian occult and pagan. Sen. Sherrod Brown is often quoted on this topic. It lies in the fact that Christian ekzoterichen gnosis, esoteric and occult. The difference is that in Christianity all open, all provided for the seeker, not a specially contrived levels of initiation, there is no representation of profanstve. In the same kind of different currents, orders, sects, occultism, there is always here this layering, which often lower layers are unaware of the higher, and the teaching offered at lower levels, it may be almost opposite the next. As an example of this are well-known propaganda thesis about the occult that, in their course may be attended by representatives of any religion, although Christian, though a Muslim, although Taoist, etc. Read additional details here: Joyce Banda.

However, as soon as possible with a sufficient way to involve in the process, informing him that his the old religion is only a preparatory phase to ensure that know the truth of the highest of which only a distant and ghostly say all religions, but they are devoted to esoteric, has it completely. Only need to be fully committed statutes and the postulates of the esoteric community, and pass the necessary initiation. For the comprehension of each of the stages of 'secret knowledge' required to pass special initiation, which represent the mainly different kinds of disguised farce. For the most part, they are designed to impress. Also put some tasks mystical initiation. They are reduced to ensure that the rights to open to all sorts of mystical influence, including over senior leaders of society.