Google Every Day More Surprising

Google was born with a very clear idea, be #1 in search engines and in a short time has achieved it with advantage, none of this is a mystery, but if we add to this the new tools that have incorporated google in your browser, as the already popular Google Instant. The function of this tool is very simple but not so less useful, as we are going by typing in the search engine, google shows results of the contents that match what you have typed so far. But google does not stop there, already is running a new and very useful tool Google Product, which will enable us to search our global almost any product that we are interested in buying, you simply access a Google Product and we put what we want to find in the search, google performs a global search of all websites that have this product for sale and shows us a list organized by price. But not only that, but you can also tell Google to do a search on the websites that offer the product that we have interest with the shipping of He sent free of charge, change the parameters of search in terms of price, recommended websites and many more.Google will not stop, recently we learned that Google Tv is official and is working together with Sony and Logitech. I personally believe that it will be a very interesting proposal, for which can afford it because although we have no idea of what it would cost us only caprichito we add Google + Sony + Logitech and I think that any conclusion can we draw from the matter. Google is here to stay is that there is no doubt and we are confident that all this is just the beginning. Add you to all this that he also has submitted an operating system, countless applications for mobile phones, Google Docs which is also a very useful application within google, really the post is endless if we detallaramos each. Long live Google original author and source of the article.