On the eve of elections in Mexico, it is important to mention the demands that we ask of our representatives in the Government. The first thing I want to remind you is that the Government is made by the people for the people, and everyone makes us very easy to ask the Government, when we could bring a little more to society. Putting some cases of how some countries have shown major causes of development thanks to the organizations in their own communities, giving example that the Government is not responsible for, and we as citizens have much to do. The first example is in the town of Villa el salvador, Peru, where people with economic deprivation invaded the outskirts of lima, and had deficiencies of all kinds ranging from the sewer, education to street lighting and many others, so it gave an organizational model based on citizen participation, where delegates and organizational units were created for find solutions for their community, since they know that on the part of the Government they would not receive sufficient aid, and they needed to improve their quality of life for themselves and their families, since they knew well that they would not eradicate the poverty in which they lived, but they would at least improve their quality of life and that of the community. Mainly collective workshops were created to find solutions, among which was achieved the construction of classrooms, libraries, streets, health centers, and most importantly, we achieved to reduce the rate of illiteracy. I think that this is a great example for all of us since it shows us how we can improve if we organize in our own community, with mutual trust between us and a commitment to others..