Governors hold, most likely a different opinion. Scientists have for years studied the effect of regular mowing grass in Moscow meadow ants. According to their observations, the ants that live in the meadows of Moscow, were of great benefit – they stirred the land, that is doing extremely important work – 'bury' the land of dust that forms in the city in huge quantities. It turned out that when mowing grass all the families of ants are in a sharp shortage of food. They either die or become aggressive towards other insect.

That is, the less time they give 'Work' and, therefore, generate less profit megacities. By the way, some plants do not just 'eat' greenhouse gas emissions, but also small insects. For example, behaves plant Venus flytrap. Just as a plant captures various small insects, a new molecule created by American scientists, captures the ions of radioactive cesium-137 from aqueous solution. Substance obtained by researchers through holes in its layered structure misses cesium ions, which replace it organic cations dimethylammonium. Then, from the interaction of cesium and sulfur atoms in the structure of the compound, these openings decreased almost twice, which does not allow cesium ions back into solution. Thus, scientists have created a trap for dangerous nuclear waste, which will permit the neutralization of the radioactive elements that have a very negative impact on nature and man, they find themselves in the environment. The ozone hole over Antarctica does not warm the planet a huge ozone hole over Antarctica has played an important role in maintaining a permanent climate of our planet.

K This is the conclusion, researchers from the University of Leeds in the long-term observations of the ozone hole. Moreover, scientists believe that the reduction of the ozone hole above Antarctica could accelerate the warming in the southern hemisphere. Strong winds in the area below the hole up in the air a lot of spray droplets containing particles of sea salt, which is collected in a more vibrant than usual, clouds, and reflect more sunlight and heat. Thus, these clouds act as a huge mirror reflecting the sun's heat from the surface and in the summer time, successfully blocking the rise in temperature due to increasing carbon dioxide emissions in the region. It should be noted that the annual ozone hole is starting to grow in August, reaches its maximum size in September and October. Recent observations show her that her size has stabilized, and the level of ozone-depleting substances markedly declined. Photofact week: Snow monkeys in hot springs and the Sea Dragon turns out that not all the monkeys that are found in the wild, living in warmer climates and the basking under the scorching sun. There are those who even know what a real winter and snow. However, these primates have a place to warm up In our photofact Last week we reported on the most northern primates – snow monkeys, and their unusual 'bath' procedures in the hot springs in Japan, Hell Valley. And to digress a little from the winter, we went into the warm waters near the coast of Australia and Tasmania, home to amazing marine creatures – sea dragons. Offer You become better acquainted with these unique inhabitants of the Australian coastal waters in photofact 'Sea Dragon'.