For Mexican society after so many fictitious democracies, non-existent human rights, violated human dignity, political speeches empty and precarious living conditions; the only way that the Government is going round the edge is to resort to social violence as means to achieve to meet their basic needs and achieve well survive. Mexican society has endured for a long time this repression and poor quality of life and could be explained arguing that society is getting used to survive and to simply submit to abuses by our rulers. But this resignation will not last for a long time, the poor remain increasingly, insecurity is increasing, basic services reach fewer people each time, health centers continue to deteriorate your service; all this is a time bomb. In this case, social violence is a logical response to all the injustices suffered by Mexicans. Is violence could justify and even approve, since it is impossible to live in these conditions and people they need to do everything they can to survive and carry food to their homes, if they have home. Rulers know that society suffers from a fatigue and are to limit, as you saw in the progress of Guadalajara so called of boredom, also in the campaign of the null vote, where there is no thing of voting for the least bad but cancel your vote because none convince you and all are equal. Violence by the Government no longer can continue, because anytime you are weak harmony that remains is going to fall into pieces and the violence will be the flag of this movement.