Hidden Pyramid

It would seem that everything is simple and one hundred times the negotiations – is a commodity – a network marketing, there is a pyramid scheme. But Everybody is trying to survive, and the scam too why are masked. So. What to look for? Must alert statement. “We do not sell”, “buying a year” interesting, but by then there is a company and leaders, if there is no movement of goods? That’s right, due to procurement beginners How many of them to come for a year to feed everyone In such companies, there is another illusion. I have to call it a “census”.

. Ie how much time you sat around “sign of life”, ie without a purchase. Your contract is not canceled Thus, all that screaming us (very much) – just a bluff. And yet. The argument “nobody is stopping you sell, or will sell my people” to me is a myth.

First – in such companies are coming are people who by definition do not want to sell and will not be. In the Second – according to the laws of network marketing structure does just what you do. You do not sell, sells the structure. No trade. Where a check? Think for yourself, decide for yourself Another version of the “masking” – when the company anyone unwanted goods for mad money. Ie product – a myth. All clear. But a third option – the most interesting and controversial. It’s under the guise of this or that commodity service Or insurance, etc. This product seems to be there. I share the result months of reflection. This product – the goods only within a particular company. Thank you to be honest (do not like to rely on someone else’s goodwill). Or a specific situation (eg an insurance case). That is, if you’ve invested in, For example, cosmetics, and the company disappeared (went bankrupt, changed conditions in a particular state) with which you stay? From the fact that you can use for yourself or to sell (to return the money invested). If you leave the company. Where the goods are – service, or what any obligation, with money can say goodbye. This is my vision. So – you choose the correct and successful business!