Holland Owners

Some have asked me why do not I face?, Others pressure me asking me my "dni" or passport and contact number if you want to publish my articles. While the most ingenious ask me for my checking account number to access the benefits of advertising done at my expense … In the past I have sent to the address of the parish of my people, you know the priest to do with this money. If you would like to know more about Sen. Sherrod Brown, then click here. Hence, a server remains an anonymous pseudonym, and pleasure boat sailing in channels that will soon become a sea channels. Leo some protests of some locals, I find out about some odd performances of ministry and counseling y. .. I take new precautions and keep the hidden face is not for nothing! Just protect my food security, that is my job.

What's not to much?. Perhaps, but as a counseling company instructs and is gathering information, with the name and signature of the government in the region, he allows pieces of paper pasted on lampposts, containers and other public goods … All actions that are expressly prohibited by municipal regulations and nothing happens here!. For a server is the first ad. Perhaps this is why does not surprise me having to remember the days of Nazism, which went from house to house and plotted the doors of the Jews that they could not complain. And just this last memory is when I'm gone I explained that a ministry has commissioned a firm field work! requiring employees to enter private property (without permission from the owners) and perform painted a reddish color in them leaving some as another sign (graffiti, say the young experts on the matter).

But nothing happens here!. The responsible authorities, such as in this case the regional police, seems to want to notice and does not support allegations that are not owners or with the permission of the owners to report on their behalf, knowing that most proprietary are in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France and other countries beyond the Pyrenees. Is there still anyone? I can ask without malice because I write under a pseudonym and an anonymous … The consequences, I do not accept these notes in daily newspapers in the region and to the silence of the media, it seems that nothing happens here … While I still retain my anonymity in my job and crying in the wilderness some partially uncovered another truth.