Hope and Fear for the Future

Human beings by nature are made to live the present by both unknown and fears his future. The only existing human resource is to be hoped that all will go better. What better time than the beginning of a new year. New Year New Life! The hopes for this 2010 are varied from politics, to religion and morality Delos acts, but first we have a policy position and we hope that during the 2010 Br President has stabilized the economy or at least to have recanted his absurd tax law because a group created by the famous Mexican social network Facebook has expressed hope that Calderon resigns. Hopefully not reach those extremes. Therefore, one of the hopes is to improve the political ideas for the progress of Mexico.

The foremost hope for lovers of sport is the utopia called Mexican, which Mexico will occupy a prominent place in the World 2010. Although the idea is absurd hope is the last to die. It All we can ask is that at least these athletes give their best to leave the name of Mexico very high. We can not ask for more. We’ve talked a lot better i hope, but let’s talk about facts. By 2010 Mexico will be celebrating its bicentennial of independence which erupted more impressive given the party and for the birth Pachangueros not be missed. In addition to that we can feel proud to be members of a free country. That is our greatest hope, remain a country with its principles well marked and with a mind open to possibilities keeping in mind freedom of thought and staying free from the negative influences of political and religious leaders who want to shorten our freedom.