THE city and the Humanities 9 months after the Muslim attack on the United States, touched me making my first trip to New York City. Our trip with 2 friends did not have any morbid purpose only was coincidence that we had to be there at that time. If it’s talk of New York City is the perfect synonym for a stereotype urban as they come together in its structure all the elements that we believe are constituent part of a city: people, architecture, tradition, common history, political and economic power, diversity, in the case of NY, ethnic diversity and all the peculiarities found in that vast islandwhich gives you also the nature of geographic identity, because like many medieval cities, it arises in an isolated physical space. I have not traveled much in comparison with that minority of Chileans cosmopolitan, but enough to have reference elements that allow me to do a scan with a certain degree of validity to the subject that concerns us. On the other hand part, my imagination has flown for many years urban and rural landscapes from different eras covered in my historical background. I remember with great lucidity, even possess a photograph, the image of the window of my room in a small hotel for bussinesman located on the 2nd with the 42nd. It was like the backroom of the great city of the modern as it is defined to the Big Apple or NY by some historians of our present era Rome. It was a courtyard enclosed by buildings, where were the stairs of fire in buildings in which in species of balconies that hung them, inhabitants of this backroom had upholstered the floor with carpet green talks, those that are used in football, with Sun umbrellas open courts and many plants, saw cats obese resting in hammocks or terrace furniture that adorned such urban oasis.