Eng. Mario Holguin I will refer to all Governments on what I have use of reason, and especially to institutions that have to do with the security of the citizen in the tracks of one way or another. There are laws and regulations that govern the use of public roads. There are also an infinite number of agencies, whose functions overlap giving the impression that we live in a wild state and without regulations in Dominican Republic. We got used to count the dead and the wounded in traffic accidents and within that routine news live with calamities that entails until us seems to be normal, and immutable given the facts we continue our lives without taking measures. Despite the fact that there are isolated from some sectors social or State initiatives, not only that it is insufficient, but it gives the impression that is a spark by individual prominence that doesn’t respond to a collective interest of the society, fade in a short time without any support. While the priority of public and private institutions of civil society, be circumscribed in the rod and cement, or asphaltic concrete, in these great works which perpetuate to persons or parties in power step, will be inevitably delayed the issue of road violence, which already must go hand in hand with the above.

It is necessary the active agents that decision-makers in Governments, to stop a minute and get involved with the statistics of siniestralidades caused by vehicular traffic. Know also, that are doing in other countries with a certain degree of awareness in this regard, to the same way of inserting the country in the concert of global actions that are being carried out. Infrastructure works are constructed and inaugurated, usually in the presence of the representative of the nation. Programmes and projects that run aimed at reducing accidents and victims in the streets, avenues and highways seem to be intangible. Their results are displayed after over time, if it is at the discretion of integrality and concentrated effort of various sectors in response to an initiative by State. However, You should see how peoples education plans, are conceived in fact, what is at issue is to educate the users of public roads to turn them into a new generation that respects human life and its surroundings; subject to the laws and to the rigour of Justice; know the rules and be prudent. For which must be forward-looking. Earlier, us placed in a utopian environment, simply because still it has not been evaluated in all its magnitude on the basis of an eminently political.

Thereafter, will be presented also before the legislature and before the country, the benefits in the numbers and percentages of lives saved in the roads, such as plans, achievements and expectations of governmental efforts are exposed. The incidence of road safety in many fields of human development and the new commitment to development of society to which we aspire is critical, every day more sensitive and worrying. The road networks without the serious auditarias corresponding road is compared to an ordinary table three-legged; These audits, without a doubt, are the link between concrete policy and the human being by its preservation on the tracks. Original author and source of the article.