ICT And Human Rights

The use of technical means, especially the technologies of information management and communication, ICTs, by governments to manipulate, control and in some cases prosecuting citizens, has occurred in Venezuela in recent years ( political exclusion lists, electoral control) and is becoming a major issue currently before the government threatens to start controlling the Internet and Social Networks. The mere fact that the Venezuelan government has dealt with the outcry of what happens on Twitter, Facebook and other networks, regardless of Cuba to a senior specialist in this field repression, triggered alerts for all who have been studied the subject of information technology in Venezuela for many years.

That is where a government can defend the state argued, violate human rights and privacy of citizens? This deviation in countries like ours where there are still deeply presidential traits and trends authoritarian history, even more vulnerable citizens’ rights of individuals. If a state may under its power to control even the smallest piece of information about its citizens, without respect for the law and the Constitution, all other human rights are seriously threatened. The government of a country without strong institutions can use the tools which in turn gives more efficient technology to violate human rights, disrespect for the Constitution and laws. The proposition that technical advances should increase the quality of life of people and raise awareness is commonplace incomplete. The thesis that living in this Blog I open this day is that technological advances have only one direction as long as it will increase the quality of life in society through its use, bring increased freedom and democracy within the framework of greater respect for human rights, and any technical deviation due to improper use, which involves use against these fundamental principles, should be prosecuted and convicted.

Those who use their technical knowledge to turn the use of ICTs for repression and political persecution of their fellow citizens are as guilty of violation of human rights as those they serve. Therefore it is essential to hold spring mechanisms and citizens needed to detect such deviations do Human Rights vulnerable if used technological means of information processing. This site is aimed at raising public awareness about this serious problem that is a byproduct of the Information Age and the Globalization applied to our country.