Ideological Devices

The pertaining to school resume obeys a standard soon come from the education secretariats, and the professor has that to make such and which. Resume and ideology Argue Althusser apud (1983), that the education would constitute one of the main devices through which the ruling class would transmit its ideas on the social world, thus guaranteeing the reproduction of the existing social structure. These ideas distinguishing would be transmitted, in the school, to the children of the different social classrooms; an appropriate vision of world to that they were destined to dominate, another one to that if they destined to the social status subordinate. We can observe that in the assay of Althusser ' ' The ideology and the Ideological Devices of the Estado' ' it sends in them to a critical thought about the offered resume, therefore it differs the transmission from the ideas for each type of social classrooms, the one that the children are inserted. Resume and culture In the vision of Tomaz Tadeu, the education and resume is seen as deeply involved with the cultural process. According to it in the critical tradition, the culture is not seen as an inert and static set of values and knowledge to be transmitted of not-problematic form to a new generation, nor it exists of unitria and homogeneous form. ' ' the resume is considered a social and cultural device. This means that it is placed in the frame amplest of its social determination, its history, its contextual production.

The resume is not a innocent and neutral element of disinterested transmission of the social knowledge. The resume is implied in relations of being able, the resume transmits particular vises social and interested parties, the resume produces particular individual and social identities. (IT HISSES, T.T, 1995). Tomaz Tadeu, emphasizes the question of the identity of the resume well that it has its particularitities, its history in the organization of the society and the education.