Infantile Ministry. Transforming Children Into Champions

We are errando the target? The statisticians related to the experience and the life spiritual of the children are beside the point alarming. Considering the trend of its condition spiritual to the 13 years of age to be a forecast of its profile spiritual in the adult age, she seems clearly that a life healthy and deep spiritual demands cares spirituals strategical and calculated during infancy and the adolescence. She considers the facts. The people are much more inclined to accept the Christ as its Salvador in youth. In general, the Biblical absorption of information and principles reach its maximum point during the daily pay-adolescence. It is at the beginning of the life that the individual learns to value the fact to participate in the church. The habits related to the practical one of the faith develop in tenra age and, curiously, few move throughout the time.

Although, in general lines, to spend 68 times more money taking care of of an imprisoned criminal, who giving to the spiritual hungry children; to expend much more money in time, money, experience, capacities, talentos, qualifications and so on youth for terms a perpetual return. The research strengthens a simple truth, however deep repetidamente: if you desire to leave the legacy of its influence on the world, you must invest in the lives of the people. if to want to overestimate this investment, invests in the people while still they are children. The research only consolidates lies that we can observe throughout history and in our personal experiences. In other words, if you to start to deal today with the children, teaching them to principles and Biblical bases, since the beginning, of efficient form, will see the fruits of its efforts blossoming per decades. The more diligent we will be in these efforts, greater will be our harvest. Of another side, the more neglected we will be in the creation of our children as champion, less healthful it will be in such a way for the Church how much for the society of the future. The choice is its. George Barna, Author of the Book transforming children into champions. Published for the Nas Publishing company More Information in