Innerarity Professor

What may be happening is that, in many aspects of life, the movement is superficial and that, basically, there is a radical paralysis. Ultimately it is an idea which corresponds to the personal experience that the greatest agitation is perfectly compatible with a temporary immobility; It is possible to be paralysed in the movement, do nothing at full speed, move without scroll, even being very lazy worker. To carry out a real movement is not enough to accelerate, in the same way that the transgression is not necessarily creative, the change is always innovative. As a general principle, the call to decelerate and slow compensatory, as held in many books on self-help for the management of the time, such as general principles, they are unrealistic and attractive if we take into account the political, economic, social and cultural circumstances in which we live. No sense wanting to slower calculators, larger queues or transport with delays. The central issue is to determine what is exactly a gain in time, which sometimes will slowdown and other everything otherwise, but which can also be achieved by using reflection, the anticipation or fighting false mobility. He is not fighting against time or ignore him but, as I said Walter Benjamin put it in our favor. It would reintroduce the thickness of the time of ripening, reflection and mediation where the shock of the immediate and the urgency obliges react from the impulse.