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Robert Ramalho is Journalist, Lawyer and Public Relations. Email: Blog: Earthquake is a phenomenon of the nature with strong vibrations passengers for the layer of the surface of the land. The land is formed by some layers, having been they hidrosfera it, the atmosphere and the lithospere. The lithospere is the layer most rigid and is divided in other lesser parts, that receive the name from tectnicas plates. These plates have movements that they carry through an effort process and deformation in the masses of rocks and when this effort passes of the endurance limit of the rocks, it are breached and finish liberating part of the accumulated energy that is set free under form of elastic waves, calls of seismic waves.

The seismic waves have the possibility of if spreading in some directions, making the land to vibrate. When this vibration is intense, occurs the recentementeTerremotos earthquakes as what it devastou Haiti can arcar some consequences as land landslide, tsunamis, changes in the rotation of the land, opening of imperfections in the land, without counting the building that can be destroyed had to this disaster. As information of the International Agencies already pass of died thousands the number of in the earthquake that devastou this small called country Haiti, that is one of poor of the world. It is arrived the hour at this moment of tragedy and pain of all the rich countries and the emergent ones to help the country needyst of American continent and one of poor of the world. Haiti already came passing for a serious institucional crisis, therefore the reason of presence of troops of peace of the Organization of United Nations (ONU). Now it comes this terrible and devastador earthquake and destroys all the country, mainly its capital Prncipe.At Port the headquarters of the ONU was destroyed by this fortssimo earthquake that as official estimates the deceased number will arrive at the house of two hundred a thousand being able to arrive two hundred and fifty a thousand more than.