International Human Rights

That historic morning, everyone went out of our houses with a definite direction and with a slogan a Darle to Honduras certainty (again) of being against the military coup and reiterate (again) the desire to fight for A New Constituyentea , the streets smell breathed extranoa between courage and passion. Between rebellion and resurrection. It was impressive to see how the value was winning the battle against fear, and this is expressed in gestures, in their faces, in the heart sounds were broadcast and identifications that we all carried. Outside, red and black shirts, scarves, caps, hats, banners, blankets, flags, flyers, trumpets, whistles, small floats, cars with loudspeakers, etc. In the internal guts, courage, continue pushing the kind that burns marrow and gut. It was incredible to hear how everyone did bullae and ridicule as we passed the pair of trucks from the military. Thereby denoting that, a he aroused this winter in which he had been immersed (a) already knew my rights, but until now I dare to proclaim injustice. I know that there is a committee of lawyers in Resistance, a team of International Human Rights, teams of professional journalists who support me to declare my denuncias.a In this context, Honduras became a sea of human waves and arched lined by sheer force. He was convinced in the environment of burning candles.