Japan Needs Qualified Professionals

Who rides a tiger is in danger of not being able to download nuncio.Proverbial Japanese national university must face the more seriously the responsibility the challenges currently facing the country is required to realize that the country needs qualified professionals able to make way for transformations towards the resolution of serious problems currently present in the political, educational, economic, cultural, social. It requires a critical analysis, scientific natural and social reality and give way to new knowledge.

The university must contribute directly and indirectly that of step change that the country is demanding, especially before the performance of a government that is leading to changes that the country had ever faced, especially when the Bolivarian Revolution is ready to get to the last consequences for achieving their goals, that of a social situation in Venezuela’s politics and economics, ideology with which the country was not identified in Take note that the university is sometimes the only center of higher learning and the only place where there can be science. Where are the talents that are required to cooperate with the changes that are needed to bring the country forward. We must pay more attention on building a true national university policy. So far as Professor Krebs said, we have not been able to have a common policy. Each university must be in isolation. Continues the old controversy between state universities and private universities. All universities are fundamentally the same and it is enough that a determined effort to take the others will follow.