Kaup Shipping

SAP integrated Mercoline software that is Kaup GmbH & co. KG, Mercoline again on software for SAP from the House. After the positive experiences from the introduction of the Customs Llosung M.ATLAS the leading manufacturer of auxiliary equipment had decided mid-2010 for fork-lift trucks for the optimization of its shipping processes with its CEP (courier, express and package services) to use DPD, UPS, and DHL the Mercoline solution M.TransportCommunicator. Mercoline offers us slim and comfortable extensions for our SAP System. In addition we integrate the package services more and more business partners in our processes, as in this case”, explained Wolfgang Euler, head of IT at Kaup, close cooperation. Has been considerable manual effort when sending packages. So, Kaup got a KEP self adhesive labels, then repeatedly had pasted per unit of shipping package and accompanying documents. The barcodes with routing label were equipped, there were also no feedback from track & trace information.

Questions from departments, such as the Sales, on the shipping status of important customer orders could be answered so. Other parcel services, this information available while using Web-based portals, but the broadcasts must be entered there only once. All data required for a broadcast from a variety of sources directly from the SAP system to the CEP news applied for the production of M.TransportCommunicator. By default these are delivery data. Due to the architecture also direct access to the other data is possible, such as delivery or transfer orders. Over 90% of all deliveries, the necessary data are already present. Collected by the SAP message determination the broadcast information in the background of M.TransportCommunicator and label printing is triggered automatically with the last operation on the packing – weighing -.

This CEP-specific label is stuck only to the package and thus ready for shipping. Any training, accounted for by the high degree of automation because instead of the Blank label the label generated after the weighing operation is pasted now. Especially it is estimated at Kaup, that increased transparency in the delivery processes. Status information were so far not available at all or had them picked out in the respective system of CEP shipping employees are, today each authorized SAP users can determine the shipping status of the original document directly in the SAP System. Our sales department can answer customer inquiries about delivery status of a job today independently and also very quickly and is no longer dependent on the shipping department. As we can on issues earlier react and increase the satisfaction of our customers.”said Euler. Future Kaup wants to go even one step further: by using of m.transportcommunicator in the SAP system existing data to evaluation and negotiable (speed, reliability, costs, etc.) with the CEP’s serve as. Mercoline specializes in custom-fit, rapidly deployable solutions and services in the Areas of supply chain management, business integration, and business intelligence. Solutions of the Mercoline be used with SAP Business Suite, such as in the areas of transport management, ATLAS customs clearance, sanction list check, EDI and digital signature. As a certified SAP partner Mercoline has more than 25 years of experience in the management of IT supported business processes from design to implementation and operation. Companies from all industries ranging from medium-sized to large companies rely on Mercoline software and services and appreciate their convincing cost-benefit ratio.