Key Demands

As everyone knows, in the yard we have now is the age of information technology and internet access has almost everyone. On the Internet, as there are many Internet sites, blogs and various forums on various subjects, but not everyone knows about these sites, because their addresses are not aware of any people or search engines. Let us see what is the secret site promotion on the Internet? Let's start in order, with the theory, which will then be implemented. There are three main search engine from which people come. In the first place from the search engine Yandex is – it is 70% of users, Google – 15%, and the third is the Rambler – 10% and 5% of users come to site from other search engines. But is not the point. It lies in the fact that each search engine has its own robots that 'furrow' on the internet, thus finding new sites that they add to his base and assign a measure of popularity, which is the sum of the number of references on key demands, the relevance of the request, unique content, and many other factors.

In Yandex – a tic (thematic index citing), in Google – pr (PageRank). Not only will robots do the analysis of your site on a specific algorithm, which is known only to developers of search engines, and determine the theme of your site based on the frequency of words and Phrases found at the site, based on which search engine will then issue a site in the serp for a particular search query. But in order for your site appeared in the top ten queries that still not enough. On the Internet, as mentioned above, there are many sites, among them also have different directories – a kind of framework where the "people" place links to their sites and search engines give them special attention. Because directories already have some measure of popularity, then after we placed the site in one of the directories, as it would give away part of the popularity of our site. And thus passed on several dozen case catalogs may Your site will be in the top ten search results. If this is not enough, then there are the so-called exchange links where you can buy more links of interest to you needs, thereby increasing the tic, pr and referential mass for a given query. Well that's all that concerns the theory, now you can take practice, but if you're not confident in our abilities, we can provide an opportunity to promote a site SEO-professionals llc ' which not only manufacture optimized sites under key, but unwind them in search engines.