King Peas

In this case, there is a paradoxical situation. The closer the locality to the central city, the more violations are allowed. The reason is simple. Here the private property in the form of summer cottages, houses and a lot of houses appetizing than the suburbs. It is unclear why our schools clog the head indispensable knowledge of our Constitution? Yes, the Constitution has an article about the fact that nobody has the right to deprive a person of private property. But the school did not say that we have since the days of King Peas exists and operates another law-a law that "the law that the pole – where povernesh, there and came" from all parties are advised that in case of violation of law property must apply to the court and the court will certainly make a fair decision. Certainly not! Although it is possible that this is so, if in this case are not involved neither money nor government officials.

If involved, then all trials reminiscent of a fairy tale "about a white bull." Can someone this story and know it, but I still recall. Imagine Night. Kids in bed, ready for bed. They fit adult, sits down beside him. For example, it's your dad. Dad says: "Well, kids, tell you a story about a white bull?". Children are happy that their dad will tell a story in unison: "Yes!" And my father began: "Grandpa climbs over the wall in a green coat., A curve dragging his leg to tell whether you want?" Kids remember this terrible grandfather with a wry foot and what kind of fairy tale and shouting "Do not!" And my father again: "Grandpa climbs over the wall in a green coat., Curve leg dragging, and to tell whether you want?" And so until then until someone, usually a the smallest do not cry.