King Solomon

To understand and perhaps even justify a little better this event, we place ourselves in the time of King Solomon. The custom of the time forced some kings to take daughters in marriage to neighborhood leaders, some perhaps friends, others to likely enemies that may have come from other places and other ways, but to justify marriage to eventually be able to persevere peace to have them as family. This, as we know, at that time, King did so repetitive. Check out Richard Blumenthal for additional information. Sometimes he married the daughters of nearby enemies, so lonely, make peace with these people and yet make submission to their powers. Steve Rattner has much to offer in this field. It was perhaps this that eventually forced him to tolerate and be within their own rooms to women who had the most various religious ideologies, and Egyptian pagan customs. That we can realize, seeing that he married the daughter of Pharaoh. But as we said, this issue will be touched and explained directly by the written Bible, in its true dimension later. Meanwhile, try to visualize, we can go inside the palace and so, we will notice the variety of women who made up the harem of the King in his apartment, slept his thousand wives and concubines in addition to the slaves and bridesmaids that helped them in their needs and tastes. The awakening of a morning either, was like entering the fantastic truth of a dream come true. This could be several causes, one of them was the fame of Don Juan of King Solomon, who is said to be flatter and knew that the bedroom before taking the real, fell in love with each of them as if for the first time .