La Guarachera

In July 2001, I visited one of the twin towers on the island of Manhattan, in New York. I enjoyed the view from the inside and decided to not climb to the top to contemplate the city. I said to myself: one of these days I do it. The towers were reduced to rubble two months later by terrorist attacks in one of the most cruel attacks reminiscent of humanity. Never more there will be two buildings like those nor the opportunity to see and feel the same thing from the same place.

The lesson learned it: enjoy every minute of your life here and now, because tomorrow may be too late. They say that the opportunity is a bald and toothless old man who It appears to our door and we sneer at by his ugliness. It is a proverb that teaches us that sometimes the opportunity comes disguised in the most inappropriate way. In a change of aircraft at the airport John f. Kennedy in New York, I had the opportunity to meet Celia Cruz, the best salsa singer who has walked this planet.

It was impressive to see how attending his followers who took photos with her and the gentiles who were both as her husband Pedro Knight Celia and representative Omer Pardillo that always accompanied them. We flew on the same plane to Madrid and the reception there was also special and loaded with love that he received and gave Celia wherever it came. I could not help thinking one day I’m going to be in one of his presentations in alive three years after that meeting, the Queen of Salsa, or La Guarachera del Mundo as they knew Celia, he died, and I could never attend one of his concerts. For these and many other lessons whenever you desire something I think a space and put it in my treasure map, visualize it and do everything possible until you get it. Do the same and enjoy the process. Told me the story of a couple who were praying because they wanted a child, but the woman was never in State and in the Church itself had another couple who were going through the same situation. Meanwhile the first couple with the illusion of having their first child, prepared a room in the House for the arrival. They bought things and enlisted with everything needed for the baby’s arrival. In a short time the desired pregnancy news came followed by the expected birth. The other couple ran not with equal luck and one of them was to complain to the priest of why they had not raced with equal luck. The priest only answered them: they were ready, you do not. It seems a simple solution to a complex problem. The master appears when the student is ready. What you want to appear when you create a space that is manifest. Everytime you lock the movement of energy, these blocking access to your home to abundance. Not you moorings to the old nor you You apegues because what in what most think that you become: you are a result of what you attract.