Lara And Galan

Rodrigo Lara introduced me to Galan, precisely in the neighborhood Jose Antonio Galan in Neiva, in a public demonstration organized by good popular leaders of the time such as the black pine, Marcelo Padilla and Eduardo El Ronco Alvarez. On that occasion more or less five hundred people eager to listen to the two warlords congregated, in one of its dusty streets. I accompanied my father, who at the time was Deputy of the newly founded new liberalism. As in all such acts, spoke about a world people, but remember with great admiration the discourse of Rodrigo, top by far of his new boss. They were beautiful times of politics! People voted with passion, without interest, by conviction. Leaders asked not for silver and felt proud of having had the candidate in his own House. The speeches were pronounced and could be heard with the heart. Ideas seething tempers.

I.e., everything was different. Luis Carlos Galan had founded new liberalism in 1979, but I’ve always thought that this movement was a simple slip COP until the entry of Rodrigo Lara. At that time new liberalism took really national dimensions and began a very fruitful era for Colombian history. Galan was a sobrado man. Their culture was comparable to that of Carlos Lleras, saved the proportions of the age, among other reasons because I was reading with enviable speed and had a similar to Lara’s memory.

His oratory was smooth, deep, passionate and recursive. P ero also was a man cold, with little sense of humor and messianic. Blindly, he believed that the country out of its problems if it elected him President, and we were convinced that all his followers. One of the toughest periods for the galanistas of the Huila was one in which Belisario Betancourt’s Minister of Justice Rodrigo Lara, was accused of receiving money from drug trafficking. We all remember, with sadness and pain, as Galan, badly advised, decided to leave the decision in the hands of a Court of guarantees of support or ask the head of your representative in the Government. Galan was not loyal with its most important political friend and one of his closest personal friends. And Lara died without forgive it. Eight days before his murder I attended a meeting at his paternal home, in which Rodrigo told us his reflections on the future presidential debate and confessed us that he was planning to travel to Eastern Europe as Ambassador long enough to write a couple of books and to devise the political platform of a national movement of center left that he would lead on his return. If the election were tomorrow, told us, the winner would undoubtedly be boat, but Otto Morales Benitez, is not anything disposable. The candidacy of Galan or even considered it! That night we went to eat with the staff of the movement, to the Las Vegas restaurant. When asked by Galan told us that he had called him to the Ministry of justice the previous day but that it not caused him to pass to the phone. All insist that I had to lose the tone to the fight with drug trafficking, but he notified us that war was until the last consequences. Rodrigo almost assertion in everything: his fight was till the last consequences, Galan withdrew his candidacy and not never became President. Boat won those elections. What they never could was to vote by Lara for the first Magistracy. He would have been the best President this century.