Living Simply On the Street

You, citizen, man on foot, as cliche often called those who live simply or opt for simplicity, leave home to do an errand and immediately any encounters with the undeniable: nearly run over by a motorized crossing the street. Replacement shock after corroborate that he was not crazy enough to hit the streets with green traffic light, loose an expletive and continues its path towards its target, forgetting such drivers as you move along the sidewalk. a But you know, with certainty, that there is more cross on, they must cross, and life begins to occur as a random, an adventure, where their safety seems to be a game, no fun, indeed.

A can not help thinking it’s just a common man, middle class or lower level (let politics), which comes to take a walk into town with all the rights that gives you live in and called by name . But while walking down the sidewalk knows, from experience, by the feelings of the people who travels in street that this feeling or aspiration is not only a sovereign bullshit, simply because there seems to be anyone or anything that put a stop to such adrenaline on wheels, motorized clear without any legal restraint, no legal card to shall comply with, or officers or public action that force. a The fact envision a juggling of them come evicting people from the street where you walk confirms it, from more consistent to think that there is not even a small notion of the city, citizenship, convention law, contract or joint agreement to follow certain rules of understanding that the fewer illusions that you can live with some peace in Caracas. .