Los Hermanos

Los Hermanos is one of the bands of more popular Brazilian rock of the last times. Marcelo Camel (voice and guitar), Rodrigo Amarante (blow and voice), Patrick Laplan (low), Rodrigo Beard (battery) and Bruno Medina (keyboards). The times pop, the times indie, they had conquered its space and to the few they had created an identity that today is imitated almost the exhaustion for the bands of the alternative scene. In the start of the career, them they only seemed only plus an one band hit. Few obtained to decorate the name of the group, but many sang music ' ' Anna Julia' ' , that it touched the exhaustion in the radios and the television.

The album of estreia, launched in 1999, took name of the band the same and was composed for romantic musics with pitada of hard Core. Although the musical quality the Los Hermanos did not obtain to emplacar many musics of this record beyond ' ' Anna Julia' '. Tired of hit, the band launched in 2001 the album ' ' Block of I Sozinho' ' , a melancholic and mature record, that in nothing remembered the songs of adolescent love of previous record. Adding characteristic of Samba and New Bossa they had obtained to conquer critical, but they had lost the mass public. The bands ' ' Sentimental' ' ' ' All Carnival has its Fim' ' they had been basic, because they represented the new style of letter and melody of the band before had as pop. Two years and many shows later, was the time of the marcante work ' ' Ventura' '. 2003 were one year marcante and decisive for the band. ' ' Los Hermanos' ' it acquired a faithful public as few, pleased the critical e, called the attention musicians of Brazil and the world.

The estria band ' ' Estranho&#039 face; ' it marked presence in the radios, but musics ' ' The Vencedor' ' ' ' I finish Romance' ' if they had become symbols of the musicada poetry of the band. Following the rhythm to launch an album to each two years, in 2005 they estrearam the compact disc ' ' 4' '. With musics that seemed to abandon the rock in search of the MPB, of this time the Hermanos had not obtained to please the critical one specialized. The public was drifter on which would be the musical future of the band, however bands as ' ' The Vento' ' they had had great acceptance. While the fans waited a new album, the band wanted a farewell. In 2007, they had announced that they would lock up the activities for indeterminate time, while they used to advantage to touch projects parallel. Independent to be in palco or the studios, them they continue in the heart of many and the letters of its musics easily are found in the Internet conquering to each day more fans.