Materialism Project

This type of vision is characterized for to be free of perspectives of global projects totalizantes such as the socialism. They are skeptical in relation to the intentions and motivations of engaged activists. Although a dissatisfaction with the politics in general, the individual after-modern can, times in times, to fight against the state and the system.

It/it is opened to the participation and enrollment in diverse and contradictory causes and social movements of existence passenger. This is not surprising because the individual after-modern feels itself comfortable with multiple realities without needing coherence … and this makes direction, given the mutant and floating identity of the individual after-modern. In face of this, it can be assumed that the individual after-modern if imagines exempts, diverse, spontaneous; it stops beyond any determination and commitment with that either the project of society, either transforming it or conservative. In critical to this, we can say according to the light of the materialism historical that this individual does not appear by chance, but mediated necessities of the capital in producing and reproducing the accumulation and to restitute its dominant project societal. Who dominates, materially, also needs to dominate ideologically. In this direction, the characteristics of the individual after-modern are widely propitious the perpetuation in the way of capitalist production and the ruling class. Therefore, somebody that if goes deep its individuality in detriment of the collective one radically, that if it does not engage in no social movement with a transforming historical project, that does not believe no universal knowledge that can explain the social inaqualities; at last ‘ ‘ the gratings are in such a way efficient the less visible if tornam’ ‘ (MORAES, 1978, P. 81). In the field of the leisure In the field of the leisure the perspective after-modern has pointed, on the basis of the cultural industry, the leisure while merchandise.