Meaning of Life

Typically you ever wonder what the meaning of life. And to that question there are countless number of responses. Although one of the most common perhaps say that the meaning of life is happiness. That's what many live, strive in the pursuit of happiness. Strive both on this adventure as the alchemists behind the philosopher's stone. And do you know how it goes? They can not be happy. We face a paradox. The busiest people in achieving happiness can not reach.

And others who are busy with other matters, the gain at every step. It could perhaps be one of the many injustices of this world. But it is such a thing actually has a very simple explanation. For seekers of happiness, achieve it is your fondest dream. It is the vital goal, to spend the most time and energy. But amazingly not realize crucial. And it is that someone so focused on a single purpose, like them, just happy if he can reach it. So, in the case of these people would only be happy if achieve happiness.

But only attain happiness when they can be happy. A total absurdity! Acting so all you get is stagnation in the same unhappiness. And it is not possible or logical to not aim for life happiness. Because this is an empty goal, has no content, is something purely abstract. People manage to be happy as a result of living. And to live means to ask specific projects and fight for them. At the same time you can enjoy every little goal reaching the road. Also happy when we learn, when you manage to help others. It is blessed when we love, and not just when one is loved. It also occurs when the tiny enjoy interesting and beautiful things of this world. It is happy with friends, with children, our children, our family. Just as we may also share the good fortune of others and rejoice at the progress of our civilization. And so on, there are infinite number of reasons to feel satisfaction. And it is clear that Happiness is not a permanent ecstasy unknown misfortune. No, happiness is more of a background of personal satisfaction. No matter that sometimes we are sad or feel sorrow for something specific, we can be happy yet. So forget the happiness as a life project. Instead we pursue our objectives more tangible. And we'll see how happiness is not simply the consequence of a productive and harmonious existence. Other Recommended Reading:.