Mexico Region

_ _ * Colombia estimated that nearly $ 25 billion goes to war taking the drug as a profitable product, with a diversified market, is not uncommon to see how this fixes the terrorism, crime in the region, positioning examples as Mexico, where the drug is not mixed with guerrillas but yes with gangs, or of Peru where the MRTA + shining even though they do not get into production, protect the peasants, their crops, clandestine airports by such work the guerrillas receive significant amounts of money. Although neither Brazil nor Argentina are real producers of drugs, they have several points in common, the fabelas in Brazil, the villas of Buenos Aires are virtually impregnable places for the legitimate authorities in where true mafia of drug traffickers, Cook and distribute drugs, returning with this example to the genesis of the problem, fabelas + villas = poverty. It is rare to observe how the Latin American countries are not United as a region in crisis, while the subversive groups come together as it may become evident in the collaboration of FARC (of Colombia) with free (of Paraguay) homeland, or sendero luminoso (of Peru), among many cases; Latin American States and close borders to neighbouring problems head-on in trying to emerge from underdevelopment internally, which is not open to criticism, only if combined with a foreign policy that benefits the region, instead of relying entirely for this of powers to the North, that limit national autonomies and not the union to the South, suits them because you say popularly : union is strength. Terrorism, the seudosubversion and death as a method of repression and paradoxically at the same time fight blood bathe the fertile Latin American to be a very big impediment to progress. To try to finish with this, you don’t have to resort to more violence, if analysed its genesis which is poverty; the solution is politically in our hands. Juliana Toro Restrepo. Original author and source of the article