Micheletti Government

In the same way we recognize as only diplomatic representatives of Honduras in our countries to the personnel designated by President Zelaya, pointed out. The Governments of the ALBA indicated that under no circumstances they credited staff designated by usurpers, in allusion to the Micheletti Government. In addition, this statement declared on permanent alert to accompany the brave people of Honduras in the actions of struggle that have called and invoked the contents of articles 2 and 3 of the Constitution politics of Honduras, referring to the crime of treason to the homeland and the right to appeal to the insurrection in defense of the constitutional order. They should know who directed the coup (in Honduras) that will be impossible to be imposed and circumvent international justice, which sooner or later will be subject. Member countries of ALBA, who was sentenced to the coup as enemies of independence and freedom, called on officials and Honduran soldiers to rectify and to put their weapons in the service of the people of Honduras and its commanding general, Manuel Zelaya. Likewise, ahead of that they are collecting a memory with serious violations that have occurred in Tegucigalpa until crimes do not go unpunished. The only path that is left to the coup is to depose his attitude and ensure so immediate, safe and unconditional return of President Zelaya to his constitutional functions, they noted in the statement. The ALBA countries also decided to keep all cooperation programmes with Honduras, which agreed with Zelaya. In addition, they proposed that copies and disciplinary measures are applied in all the mechanisms of multilateral instances and integration against the coup, which contribute to make effective the immediate restitution of the constitutional order in Honduras. The ALBA member countries declared permanent session of consultation with all Governments in the Americas to accompany the people of Honduras in the actions of struggle have convened and invoke the content of articles 2 and 3 of the Constitution of Honduras article 2 establishes that sovereignty belongs to the people of which emanate all the powers of the State, by representation, and that the sovereignty of the people may exercise directly through the plebiscite and referendum; spoofing of popular sovereignty and the usurpation of the constituted powers are typified as crimes of treason and responsibility in these cases is imprescriptible and it may be inferred ex officio or at the request of any citizen.