More Work

Participants were asked about work 50 questions. It was important that, among others, were such and such: – What is a "model"? – How to develop a "model"? and other urgently needed is for understanding of the process of model development. We have worked for 45 minutes. It was time to complete the stage. I asked: – Is it clear that we have received? It turned out that many realized that the resulting list of questions is simply, as the program work on the task "Develop a model vocational school director." The next question was to understand further work: – Is it clear that we can continue to do in this area? And since not everyone could understand, he explained: – More should be these issues together into blocks of headings. Perhaps there will be those that are called Kronid Markovic, but filled with specific issues that are important to the task. – And then? – Asked one of the directors. – Next, we or another group will answer these questions, getting the desired product model or image of vocational director.

Thus, in the late hours of work we had developed a collective product: a draft program for the solution task. Were agreed upon further actions of the participants to work on the program. One might also ask: "Who would like to take part in further work on this problem?" – And agree on the composition of the working group. This was not done because it was decided that further work will be laboratory. Although, we spent another hour, we would have made a rough version of the model is much richer in content than it can do even powerful scientific laboratory. It employs well-known pattern: the higher the diversity of participants of the working group – the higher the diversity (richness), they receive a creative product. For the first time to the technology of such work, I met in 1991 in Naberezhnye Chelny.