Mothers Capital

Little about Russian law On January 1, 2007 came into effect the federal law "On Additional Measures of State Support of Families with Children", in other words the Law on maternity capital. Size parent capital is 250 000 rubles. In this case, planned to raise that amount every year – for example, in 2008 the maternity capital was already 267 500.0 rubles law provides the conditions for obtaining the above amounts. So, let's order. Entitled to additional government support measures have a female Russian citizens under the following conditions: – born (adopted) child – a citizen of Russia – a child is born (the decision to Adoption came into force) in the period from 1 January 2007 to December 31, 2016 – born (adopted) child is a second or third (etc.) a child in the family – maternal capital shall be issued only once, ie at birth third and subsequent children pay relied only if this right has not been used previously. It is worth noting that the right to receive maternity capital may also benefit men, are the only adopters of the second, third (etc.) of the child. But get money immediately upon the birth of a child can not. The law provides that the maternity capital is available only three years after birth. In addition, the hand tool will not be granted – it will be possible to dispose of the capital on the basis of this certificate and the public only on those areas in the Act: – improving housing environment – education child (ren) – the formation of the funded part of labor pension mother. To obtain state certificate needed to apply to the territorial agency of the Pension Fund by writing statement and presenting documents (passports and birth certificates of all children). Statement of disposal can be made at any time after two years and six months from the date of birth (adoption) of the second, third child or subsequent children, but no later than May 1 for the management of funds (part of) the mother (family) capital in the second half of this year or no later than October 1 for managing funds (part of) the mother (family) capital in the first half of the year following the year of application for disposal. For example, if you decide to spend mother's capital in the first half of 2010 year, a statement of disposal must be submitted before October 1, 2009. During the month of application must be considered. Another interesting note: if the twins were born – the funds will be allocated only one child. But money allocated by the state not on the individual child and the family. No wonder that these funds are named in the Act as the mother (family) capital. Therefore, it is possible, for example, one portion to spend on housing, the other – on the formation of the first child, a third – the education of the second.